As we enter mid life – the brain has become a hot topic.  I personally hate it when I hear people of any age say “I’m having a senior moment.”  Really?  Because a senior citizen is the one who has experienced the most life – seen the most – hopefully read the most – that should be a WISE moment!  Not a stupid moment!!

The perception of our brains’ aging and preventing it has caused a new industry to arise. Brain games, brain health supplements, and brain training are just some examples.  People are spending thousands each week on this growing industry – science is studying it – people are talking about it.   When I enter a rehab patient’s room after a hip or knee replacement – it is not uncommon to see them ‘working their brain’ with one of these game books.

But brain health isn’t just cognitive memory – the brain is an amazing organ that controls every other organ in one fashion or another.   Everything from coordination, speech, swallowing, digestion, hormones, metabolism, reactive speed – is in part by health of the brain.

I attended a brain health continuing education a while ago – and the most conclusive aspect of brain health that was proven by numerous types of studies came back to get the body (forehead specifically) to break a sweat at least once a week for life.

Why?? When the body’s temperature was raised to the point of breaking a sweat increased circulation to all parts of the brain takes place.  In a sense, awakening or activating all parts of the brain.  And the blood supply brings in not only oxygen but nutrients!!!

The brain takes a lot of calories to function properly – about 10% of your entire metabolic rate!!  Brains function best on glucose and ketones.  There is a lot of discussion about what is the better source.  It is proven that TOO much sugar causing too much glucose can definitely be a stress on the brain.   It has been proven that Ketogenic diets can be Neuroprotective – helping many with seizure disorders and various forms of autism.


YES TO OXYGEN – your brain uses more oxygen than any other part of your body!……..Continued in the FocusForty Program……