Organ number 1 – Kidney’s
Organs first because yes they get rid of fluid waste. But they are the results of the blood cleaning out the basic metabolism. If your kidney’s aren’t functioning – no other organ is going to run at top speed.

Cranberry Lemon for 4 days

Cranberries have a TON of benefits – for the kidneys and urinary tract. But also for cancer prevention, liver, kills bacteria that causes ulcers, and antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.
Kidney stones are caused by minerals within the kidney’s – research has repetitively proved that 2 L of lemon water a day will keep the stones away. Lemon’s acidic level makes it hard for the minerals to come together and make a stone.

For the four days – drink 2 L each day of a mixture of lemon and cranberry water.
Eat ½ – 1 cup of the cranberries (the whole tangy tart berry) – bite by bite at they are in the water. I would just chew and swallow the berry one or two by one as they were in the water. Research has proven that when the whole cranberry eaten there is a synergy effect that happens between the nutrients within this super food. (see pictures).

What I noticed – I definitely peed more. Now I am a water drinker – I am a gal who uses lemon and lime in water often. I easily drink over 2 liters normally. But with this new combination I know I urinated more often with more urgency. My body was getting rid of excess fluid and my kidneys were enjoying the bath of healthy nutrients and ph level

Cranberry Juice – go ahead and have 1 – 4 glasses of organic (preferably) pure cranberry juice a day..

Organ Tune Up –

Quiz is:

1. When you eat clean and your weight doesn’t budge. Yes No
2. You notice that certain foods really get you excited to eat more. Yes No
3. You just ate a healthy meal and are still hungry. Yes No
4. Your energy levels are low and you simply believe its age. Yes No
5. You have joint soreness. Yes No
6. You sometimes think you have symptoms related to auto immune diseases. Yes No
7. You feel better if you just don’t eat anything. Yes No
8. Never enough caffeine. Yes No
9. Drink or eat diet products 4 – 7 times a week. (even one a day) yes No
10. I have bowel movements daily but still am not getting healthy results I want.

If you answered yes to 7 or more – I recommend this.
But if you have tried other detoxes and want a different take with even one YES – this might be the easy Organ Tune Up you need!!